Sunday, December 9, 2012

New things I have made

I recently made a primitive prairie stocking. I was inspired by a "Sweetmeadows Farm"

pattern. I used coverlet fabric for the stocking. The stocking is approx. 19" long.

I am asking $32.99 plus traveling fee. Only one available. Email me if interested

Next I have a set of dollhouse dolls inspired by the Norma Schneeman dolls.

The mom is approx. 10" and the daughter approx. 8". I am asking $32.99 for the set plus

traveling fee. Only one set available.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New items listed

I have made a few items to sell. I have made 3 primitive prairie journals. They are approx. 8"x 10".

They have a primitive label and pencil made out of a tree branch with real lead . The journal is wrapped

with rope.  I am asking $15.99 each plus traveling fee.

I have made two Santa's, I was inspired by a "Pineberry Lane" pattern, the santa's are approx.
14" long and have real raw sheep wool on the Santa jacket. and brim of his hat.
The beard is made from Angora goats hair.
One is dressed in drab green and the other drab brown. Pictures just don't do justice.

They are quite adorable and prim. Asking $21.99 each plus traveling fee.

And last I have two snowman hats, they are approx. 6" widex 10" tall, they each come with a grubby
flicker light, they are in their display bags so it is a little hard to see all of the details. One has a santa  label with an ornament and the other hat has a snowman angel label with a rusty bell.
I am asking $15.99 each plus traveling fee.

Please contact  if you would like to purchase any of these items.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Prairie Sale" with 3 day free shipping

Christmas is fast approaching and as my thank you to my customers I am offering a 3 day free

shipping sale. The sale will run through Wed. Nov. 21st. And it will be the only free shipping

sale that I will offer  this year. Quanities are limited, thank you for liking my prims.

 They are each approx. 18" long and grunged for that appearance of a dollie from olden days. Please specify brown/blue dress or red. Both are much more beautiful in person. I was inspired by a "Sweetmeadowsfarm" pattern.
Dress approx. 37" long and bonnet approx. 22" long.
Dress inspired by "A Primitive Pear" pattern, bonnet " Pilgrims and Pioneers" pattern. The set is $48.99 and that includes both the dress and bonnet. Only one set available.

Each bonnet is $20.99

Blue flowered pattern, a beautiful pattern with stains throughout,
fabric is called 1900 quilt series. A very beautiful pattern. Only 1 available.

Only 1 available.

I accept paypal and MO
Please contact me if interested or if you have any questions.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My First ever Scarecrow Doll

I wanted to show you my first ever scarecrow doll. I used a  Bittersweetfolkart pattern for

his body. I used my own design for the facial features and clothes. He has a Bemis feedsack

emblem on his shirt. He has a burlap bag hanging around his neck with a gourd. He  has a funnel

for his hat and is stained for that primitive look. He is approx. 25" tall. Asking $42.99 plus

traveling fee.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Day Sale

I am offering 20% off on all of the prims that I listed on my last post.

Just email me and I will take off the discount.   This sale will end 7:00 pm EST on Monday

Aug. 27th.

"Farmhouse Prims"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Primitive Items for sale

Primitive Pumpkin Couple, I just made up this pattern, the couple are quite adorable, each are approx. 25" tall, she is wearing the cutest candy corn necklace, they will be one of a kind. Asking $75.00 for the set plus traveling fee.

BurLee, I used "An Olde Homestread Barn " pattern, he is approx 22" tall,he is weighted to set properly.Asking $38.99
 . plus traveling fee.

Prim Prairie doll, I used a "Chestnut Junction" pattern, she is approx. 14" tall,asking $18.99 plus traveling fee

Pumpkin wall hanging, I used a pattern by, "My Primitive Saltbox", approx 16" tall, so cute with the sunflower and crow.Asking $20.99 plus traveling fee

Adorable Pumpkin Girl, I used a pattern by "SweetPea Primitives" she is approx. 15" tall, asking $20.99 plus traveling fee

Ghost Pumpkin Doll, I used a pattern by "Chestnut Junction" She is approx. 15"x9",  I am asking $18.99 plus traveling fee

"Faith Doll", I used a pattern by "Blue Moon Beginnings", she is approx. 23" tall, she has grapevine wings,and has two crows and a pumpkin attached to her. Asking $34.99 plus traveling fee.

Doll and Cat set, I am sorry but I forget the pattern designer, the witch is approx. 23" tall and the cat 10"x6". I am asking $29. 99 for the set plus traveling fee.

Cat, Pumpkin, Candy Corn lamp, I used "Blue Moon Beginnings" pattern,the lamp is approx. 15"x 10", it has an electric candle light included. I am asking $29.99 plus traveling fee.

Please contact me if you see anything you are interested in "Farmhouse Prims"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Pumpkin Doll

I just finished a pumpkin doll, "BurLee", I used a pattern by, "Olde Homestead Barn",

he is approx 22" tall and is weighted to set properly. I love his burlap clothes,

I am asking $38.99 plus traveling fee if you

are interested. Lecia

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Bonnets!

I have a few new bonnets to sell. They are a different style than I usually make. They are inspired by ,

"A pilgrims and pioneer" pattern. They are approx. 25" long.

The first is a civil war print, which is black and the second is a paisley print.

I am asking $20.99 for each plus $3.00 traveling fee. Email me if you are interested. "Farm House Prims"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy as a Bee

I have managed to get a few prims made  An Uncle Sam couple, approx 19"  each, inspired by

"Blue Moon Beginnings"  A prairie doll, 15", I used a chestnut junction pattern and

Hannah approx. 20", inspired by "Blue Moon Beginnings. Email me if interested  Farmhouse Prims

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Plain old , Sarah Plain and Tall

I managed to make a few bonnets, the one is from just plain muslin. I had a request once for

just a plain bonnet, the girl requested one from plain muslin, like she said a "Sarah Plain and

Tall bonnet. I also made a burgundy one which is very pretty. Here are the pictures. Email

me if interested. Farmhouse Prims

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