Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bonnets For Sale

I was able to finish a few bonnets, these will be the last that I will be making until after Christmas.
They are approx. 26" long and inspired by a "Drakestone Primitive" pattern. I am asking $22.99 each
plus shipping. Click contact link on the right  if you would like to purchase or have any questions.
I ship to the US only and accept paypal.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I have for sale a set of two Prairie Gingers. They are a nice size approx. 13" tall. They have a primitive label attached to the front Ginger and Cinnamon.
They are grunged and wearing a label with buttons and cheesecloth tie around their neck.  I am asking  $21.99 for the set plus shipping. If you are interested please hit contact link on the right if you have questions. Inspired by a "Ginger&Co." pattern.

Next I a offering a Winter Pennyrug, it has mittens hanging from a clothes line. The penny rug is approx.
18"x13". It is made from a combination of wool felt and 100% wool. Very nice for your Winter decor or
for a Christmas gift. Asking $35.99 plus shipping. Pattern inspired by "KM Primitives".

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Bonnets

I have been so busy, but did manage to get two new bonnets made. They are approx. 26" long and
are inspired by "Drakestone Primitives". Asking $22.99 each plus shipping. Email me at "Farmhouse Prims"
if you are interested.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New items for sale

I have a few new items for sale, they are listed for November on "Early Work Mercantile"

Please contact me at Farmhouse Prims with any questions or to purchase. Thanks!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New items for sale

I want to show this beautiful pumpkin trio that I have recently made. I used a "Sweetmeadows farm"
pattern. They are approx. 16" long and each comes with a candy corn ornie. I have also added
vintage Halloween postcards for their little aprons. The jack and jill emblem is actually a vintage
magazine cover. I am asking $32 plus shipping for each one.Please contact me to buy or for any questions
"Farmhouse Prims".  Note: The black pumpkin girl is SOLD

I have several bonnets made up for fall. It seems like the drab browns are my most popular color,
especially for fall. I get alot of requests for the indigo blues also. These are long prairie bonnets
approx. 26" long. I am asking $22.99 plus shipping.
Bonnet no. 1

Bonnet no. 2

Bonnet no. 3

bonnet no. 4

Bonnet no. 5

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Prims for sale

I have a wonderful mouser that I would like to offer for your consideration. She is made on a pin keep.
The pin keep is made from yellow wool and setting on an old zinc canning lid. The mouser has a dress made from yellow, orange and black plaid. She has beaded eyes and a hand stitched nose. Her wiskers are made from sisal. Her arms and legs are from wire and rusty nails. She is holding a cute banner that says "BOO".
She would look great with your fall or Halloween decor. She stands approx. 8" high. Asking $29.99 plus shipping. Lots of detail in this cute girl.

Next I am offering a prim soldier, inspired by Bittersweetsusan. He is approx. 21" tall and is wearing a wool
uniform. The buttons look old and are adorned with safety pins. He has raw sheep wool for his beard and stitched facial features. He has a belt around his waist and is holding a prim Americana flag, he is standing on a piece of old weatherboarding from our old farmhouse. Asking $36.99 plus traveling fee.
Email me Lecia123@verizon.net with any questions or to purchase.

Friday, May 31, 2013

New Bonnets

I have made up some new bonnets, this time I decided to go with homespun and tickling fabrics,
I love the mustards in the homespun and tickling fabrics. The red is quite prim too.
I was inspired by a "Pilgrims and Pioneer" pattern for the bonnets. They are a nice size,
approx. 26" long.
I am asking $20.99 each plus $4.00 traveling fee.

Please contact me with any questions or email me if you are interested.

Mustard /tan Tickling

burgundy/tan tickling

Mustard/tan checked

Mustard, black, tan, burgundy checked

Friday, February 8, 2013

Prairie Shelf Sitters

Two new shelf sitters, asking $15.00 each plus traveling fee. Approx. 9 " tall and  8" wide.

Just email me if you are interested or have questions. Farmhouse Prims