Friday, October 7, 2011

Lovely Prairie Bonnets

I was able to go to a Hobby Lobby and get enough fabric to make 4 prairie bonnets. I love this fabric so much. I think it is called the 1900 quilt collection. It is very expensive, at $7.99 a yard. So I only was able to get enough for 4 bonnets. These bonnets are approx. 26" long and the fabric is already stained to look old.
These have to be my favorite bonnets ever. I only have 4 so when they are gone they are gone, I am not sure when or if I will ever be able to get more of this fabric. And since it was soooo expensive, I have to charge a little extra for these bonnets. They are $21.99 each plus $3.00 shipping.
If you would like to purchase one, just go to my sidebar.

The one for sale is the first bonnet.


  1. Oh...LECIA....I LOVE this fabric....Absolutely bonnet perfect....GORGEOUS!!! Robin

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